"but, what if?" stories of regret.

Suddenly you feel, “But what if?”

It was 6 in the morning.
The alarm went on. He snoozed it to open his eyes to most beautiful face snuggling close to him. He knew he always wanted this.

He kissed her forehead, she smiled. She held him even tighter, he smiled.

Suddenly he felt something moist on his face.

His dog was standing right on his face, as if saying,” get up you love birds and take me for a stroll. You guys never seem to get enough”.

He signalled his dog, let’s go. He ran the happiest sprint to fetch his leash.

He pulled out his arm from under her head saying, ” thamb alo”
(I will be back).

He was back after 15 minutes with his dog trailing in displeasure as if saying, few rounds more.

He saw the time, It was just 6 20. She was sleeping in a Natraj pose as if sleep dancing, She was all over the place. He smiled at her posture and snuggled next to her.

Before he could bridge a void between them, He could feel his dog entering that crevice, as if saying,” stay away, daddy is all mine.” This was something that children do while snuggling between the parents.

He put his back to him and paws to her as if trying to push her away. She just smiled at his antics and pulled her dog close and said,” dear hubby, this is what you get for spoiling your kid”, he is trying to separate us.

He smiled and said,” what about me spoiling you?”

They shifted there bodies little up on their bed with both there heads resting on same pillow and legs drifting away and dog stretching in between creating a Capital A.

Suddenly, he went silent from romantic. Just kept staring at the ceiling fan. He smiled.

she knew this smile but kept her cool.

She asked him,”Kasla wichar kartoys, kon ahe ti?”
(what is bothering you, who is she?)

without taking his eyes away from the ceiling fan, he said “ It has always been you, But”

“But ?” She enquired.

“what if?” He said

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