story of a guy unable to forget his past or let someone in.

“She is everything I want except, She is not her… “

Winter temperature had dropped down to 15 degrees.
“Before you leave from your home, I want you to grab something for me, will you?”, asked she with a smile on her face.
“Yes, I have packed it. Will meet you in 15 minutes.”
She called him for a quick meet before leaving for Pune.
She knew she was going to miss his birthday again, but this time there was no obligation on her to stay. But of all time, this time she wanted to stay. She wished to be with him.
Both sitting on edges of the famous Talaopali Lake, He seems to count the ripples on water and talking something spiritual while she was giving him a smiling stare to get his attention.
“I don’t think we were supposed to love each other, ever,” said she calmly. He smiled back and said nothing.
“Maybe, just maybe….” She let out a deep exhale.
“Maybe not, but we did. Didn’t we?” he shot back.
“Yeah….” Smirked she.
Suddenly a silent draft of breeze passed her onto him.
He inhaled deeply, as deep as he could. Her scent had flooded his senses. He held his breath as long as he could, “still baby lavender is your favourite?” he asked.
“You still remember it?” She looked surprised.
“Always will”, said he. ”Because it’s yours“ was heard by both but no one said it.
She looked at the clock, it was time to bid farewell.
She proceeded to remove the hoodie. The one she was wearing. The one she specially asked him to carry.
“Just keep it, Princess.” He said. While helping her put it back on her.
”keep it. After all, that’s the perk of being single. I can give my hoodie to anyone. Even my ex.” He said jokingly.
“That’s the curse of being your Ex, I can keep your hoodie but not your heart.” Said she with a tear trying to escape those precious eyes.
They had reached Thane station, he wasn’t permitted beyond a point. He knew one more evening was ruined.
Suddenly mobile beeped, “why can’t I have more than just your hoodie”.. Text message popped.
“because you are not her….” Message sent.
He hugged the hoodie she gave him a few minutes back and he could still smell baby lavender fragrance her skin left on his hoodie.
“She is everything I want except, She is not her… “
He murmured and started walking.

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