Let’s do everything together, except.

It has been weeks now She was messaging me, suddenly vibes went Strange, Real strange.
she could sense it, I wasn’t ready for anything big.

So what is it you want, just say it, don’t blabber, just say.

I didn’t reply.

after one hour she texted again. Will you stop being bothered by your past and think rationally.

So rationally it is, I Typed.

Let us stay awake till 4 am in the morning and blabber about random things.
I want to go around the world, see places and meet people with you,
Sing karaoke in a bar on a Friday Night
Eat that Shwarma and Duck roast and Exotic Seafood,
I want to play with your fingers and hold your tiny hands.
Maybe stare in your eyes so deep that can be seen blushing from the moon.
May be put those loose strands of hair, right behind your ears and just wipe that stray tear.
May be kissing you under the starlight and Dance under the night sky.
I want to have a Disney style romance and candlelight love stares.
I want to make you feel love but not fall in love.
but not fall in love.

Because, somewhere, I had heard that love ruins everything.
So let us do every little thing we can except falling in love.

and I pressed enter.
the message was received.

She went offline.

Last 7 days she was offline.

but wait,
She just came online.
She is typing…..

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