I am a good Storyteller, because..

Maybe, just maybe.
I was born to tell stories. Stories are woven from Impossible reality and Wishful possibilities.
 Every destination i wander is a comma,Every coffee date is apostrophe,Every road wandered is just an Exclamation ! if note a plot twist.
I am a storyteller because I listen, Observe and respond instead of just reacting.
Ever wondered the person you just met smiling was going through a breakup, The person who treated you to a cup of tea was struggling to patch in money to send some to his daughter studying 3000 miles away. Someone just had is the first kiss, someone had the last smile.
A father with money crisis, A girl with anxiety attacks, All of this is walking all around you.
Because very few of us are storytellers, rest just come interesting characters. Some are stories themselves.
But you know what, everyone tries it. Some do it to get sympathy, some do it gain attention. Some do this to tell a story, while some do this to hide something. We all try telling stories.
But we fail in making it worth. It’s worth when a single father makes his 5-year-old go to sleep so that he doesn’t need to explain where is his mother. It’s worth when he doesn’t need to explain to his girl why he gave up on his previous relations. its worth, when he can explain why he was struggling for so long with his business.
We all need people who can help us live through them. Relate to there stories and live those moments as characters, and make them live life way we want.
That doesn’t make us look stupid but some reader somewhere smiles knowing, yes this is my story.
We learn to use stories to defend ourselves but time makes us realize, it was all reality, just not yet.
All characters you pictured acted the very way you imagined. some showed plot twist while some were wolves as sheep. Smile.
One story just added itself to your scripture. These characters make me realise, I am a good storyteller.
Just sit down and listen someday. I do have stories to tell.

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