Don't Spend time with Someone, Invest your time.

you need to invest in the right people.

“Do not” read ahead if you want to be a failure.

Take this one relationship advice and you shall thank me later.

Don’t Spend time with Someone, Invest your time.

And never make your investment on how appealing the option looks, Invest in proportion to how much they invest in you.

Don’t invest thinking,” oh, she makes me laugh”.

Before you invest your time and emotions, Ask is she the only person who can do that? Is this investment worth the risk? will these investments fetch me returns?

Invest by looking at how much time do they invest in you.

How much time they invest in bringing out the Real you. the Success in you not the stress in you.

Look at how much time they invest in making your life little easier so you can laugh a little more.

Invest in a person who says,” You talk so good, maybe you should start public speaking. People need to hear more of you.” rather than invest it in one who says, “It’s easy for you to talk “

Invest in someone who says'” follow your passion, I will take care of the rest.” Rather than one who says,” what has this passion got you anyways”

Invest in one who understands your struggle, not the one who makes you struggle.

If you are trying to make someone happy, you are with the wrong person. And that’s a high risk, low return investment.

But before you invest in anyone, Invest in yourself.

Read, discuss, make videos, attend seminars, groom your looks, read philosophy and spirituality, understand life.

Be the best version of you out there and the universe shall take care of the rest. before you even realise you shall see that investment taking shape and coming to you in the form of healthy returns.

So keep your investment in people proportional to there investment and invest inversely proportional in yourself.

DO THIS! and you shall thank me later.

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