What you need to know If they come Back.

If they come back, I would tell you that I understand what you are feeling. I really do. I mean with all those times you pretended to be over them, and now you are back with the same person that destroyed you.
I really do understand. With all the time that has passed, You are hurt, but not angry. After every maddening struggle you endured, your separation was sadly inevitable.

You can look back and recognize that. Even as you desperately tried to hold your love together, even while you guys were in the trenches.
Your feelings for them haven’t changed and you’ve missed them terribly, but it often felt as if the universe was conspiring against your happiness.

No matter how you wanted the ability, you could not control your circumstances. Neither could They.
If They come back, you would have to stop yourself from gathering them up into your arms. You’ve longed for that moment every day, but it’s not that simple.

As much as You still love them, there is so much you’d need to discuss before you could let them back into your heart, and more importantly, your trust. I would tell you that I know, you are so glad they’re back, I really know. But … You need to take things slow. After all, They did leave you. Opening Your heart to them was no easy task in the first place. I know that this isn’t all your doing. They have their own flaws and they are a constant work in progress. Still, They left your spirit trampled and devoid of hope, whether they meant to or not. The last several months have been a shit show for you, leaving you reeling with the aggressive ups and downs of your emotions.

Don’t be so alarmed as to how I know every detail of your journey.
I cannot pretend to know how it affected you, but I suspect it has been quite so difficult. You most likely stifled your feelings and pushed them aside, as you do.
Your emotions have always been so closed off – They attempted every trick, every strategy you could imagine just to crack you wide open. None of it worked, and that’s when I knew for sure that they’d never win you this way .
It didn’t matter what you did. You only caught cruel glimpses, moments when you let your guard down, and showed them what magic would exist if only they could overcome their fears.
They were not ready to love you the way that you loved them, unable to give you the affection you deserved. It’s not your fault, but it’s an unavoidable truth.So if They came back, you should have some questions.
I’d say choke down your words of joy and force yourself to weigh their apologies. In the end, your feelings for each other cannot solve the issues that drove you two apart. You would have to know – are They all in? Are they sure, beyond a doubt, that this is what they want?
I know, You love them, but you shall no longer settle for anything less than what you give them. You shouldn’t go back if they aren’t sure how they feel about you. The effort must be equal on both ends.
Otherwise, what are you even doing? Don’t let them come back to you because they miss the way you made them feel about themselves . Don’t let them come back to you, because you made them feel comfortable.
Let them Come back because they are ready to meet you where you stand.You love them more than you ever knew you could love anyone. You want Them more than you’ve ever wanted anyone. But not at the cost of losing Thyself.
Not at the cost of going through the pain all over again. If they come back, They need to show you that something’s changed. They need to be patient, and caring, and show you that this is where they want to be.
If they come back, be sure that they’re here to stay, or just tell them don’t bother coming back at all.

“Please don’t give in to there false cry and half hearten try, take your time its just July.If necessary wait you must, let them wait this whole August.Half hearten try is like playing with ember, if needed wait till September”

-Rahul Tendulkar, Page from the book i Shall never write.

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