What you kid (pet), needs to know.

You are my strength during this Quarantine.
You are. Rocket.

I still remember 10 January 2019. I finally brought you home.

You were so small and tiny, you could fit right in my backpack.

I still remember the first nights when all you wanted was to sleep in my bed.
Frankly, that scared me first. I was scared, what if I turn over and you get crushed under, or what if you just panic and bite me.
Frankly, I was scared.

But soon I realized you just wanted to love and be loved. You just wanted to play. Yes, you had some pointy teeth but soon it only felt like scratches.

Only I KNow what kind of Aristocrat you have gone to become. Now you need a pillow and a comforter to sleep.

You taught me what is to be a Father. To care enough for your child, get up 10 times during the night and still feel fresh at work.
To take a day off to take you to vaccination.

I still remember you sneaked in my arms when the doctor gave you the first injection.
Now the whole hospital knows you by your first name.

I still remember my Rajasthan Trip, you didn’t eat for three days and kept sitting on balcony. those 15 minutes you greeted me is all over my Facebook.

Everyone thought you would be a terror as you grow up, but kids become what we teach them. You have become a kind giant.
Nowadays, I cannot address you like my dog. you are MY KID. So now you better behave.

By the way, you are one hell of a wingman. You know exactly how to introduce me.

So now you know how to behave around beautiful girls, I assure you, making healthy meals for you is a must-have criterion for dating/mating me.

I want you to grow and tell my kids,” How I met there mother “

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