Things to avoid post, Quarantine.

After Quarantine is over,

Avoid meeting people who are negative about you. Be assured words travel.

Avoid places where you need to pretend to be someone else. Maybe that place is what you call home. Sometimes its a place, sometimes its a person.

Avoid people who find a problem for every solution. They place “But” at the end of every sentence.
I love you but,
money is great but,
that’s an awesome opportunity but,
I know we will make this work but,”

Avoid people who give up before trying and there happiness lies in seeing you crying.

Avoid People who are satisfied with being mediocre. They just are.

Avoid people who bring out stress in you rather than shaping the best of you.

Avoid Circumstances where you need to go backwards. Keep walking, somedays we shall walk slow but not backwards.

Avoid the Narcissist and Naysayers.

Avoid people who plot exits and acts of revenge. you knew things, didn’t you? Sometimes we know what is happening but want to know how low can one go.

Avoid people who have really really low self-esteem because trust me they shall pull you down to that level and rub off that low self-esteem on to you.

Avoid people who make you believe you were the fault and they were the victim. It was never because of stress or heat of the moment, that is their self-defence Mechanism.

Avoid people who will see wrong in you no matter what you achieve. You might climb Everest and they shall be like, “Chutiya Everest chadh Raha hai.”

Avoid the person who uses the smile your memory brings on there face to attract people just to complain about you.

Avoid the people who walk away, no matter the reason. Always remember once they were looking for an excuse to walk away.

Avoid the stress, deceit and backstabbers. Avoid the Virus of negativity that has no cure.

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