The universe always has your back and karma is always watching.

Have you ever wondered, what went wrong, when did it really went south, what could have been done, why only you?

Have you ever wondered?

Listen me out. It wasn’t fault in your stars, it was something you were writing subconsciously.

Now you shall ask, “So you mean, I wrote this bad phase myself?”

I would say, “ Naah , it was just some Karma you earned for yourself. Some of it was part of learning. A learning curve.”

Now your eyebrows are raised, “What Karma? Maine kisika kya bighada tha? When did I break someone?”

It was never something bad you did. Sometimes it’s something you should have done but couldn’t do, shouldn’t do or wouldn’t do. It was something you should have done but could never go ahead with Necessary action”

Now you are seeing a slideshow of the moments I am speaking about, right?

Well you need to understand, you are not creator of your future but Co-creator. Universe, higher being, inner consciousness, subconscious mind, whatever you call it , it is acting hand in hand with you.

And the universe is never biased. It never says NO to anything, good or bad. Wherever your attention goes, the energy flows. This energy Transmute into reality .
Fear realize faster than prayer.

But universe always keeps failsafe backup option called “karma” . So if universe is to spoil you, karma will slap you right in your face.

So karma was just acting on behalf of universe.
Universe wanted you to grow, learn and evolve.
It wanted you to understand how strong you are.
How far you can walk.
How many lives you can touch.
How you were supposed to achieve something much

It’s your Karma for not letting so people, events and unhealthy attachments.
it’s your Karma for Understanding those people who were taking you for granted.
It’s your karma for Forgiving people who never deserved a second look even.
It’s your karma for investing your time in people who were keeping count of time they were Spending with you.

But now you will be puzzled, why didn’t karma act sooner, why at this point.?

Answer is universe.

The universe was removing people who never belonged with you.
The universe was listening to conversations you couldn’t hear.
The universe was seeing things you couldn’t see.
The universe was warning you, hinting you and poking you to take that action needed. But you choose otherwise.

Karma played its game.

First, you felt it was you.
Just look at all the dynamic changes you made to your life and see how large strides you have taken.
see how much you have grown since.
See how you started looking at Spirituality, Stoicism, and self-work, self-development and self-transformation as life goals.

That’s called Karma pay out.

It’s ALWAYS about YOU.

The universe always has your back and karma is always watching.

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