The real art is reading between the lines.

The real art is reading between the lines.

10 best lines I heard from the people who meant something to me. But be careful, the real art is reading between the lines.

1. I love you no matter what.
2. I’m here for you, I’ll be there for you.
3. Give it a try.
4. Do what you think it’s right.
5. Trust your instinct.
6. What kind of help do you need from me? anyway I Can help you, I shall and will do it.
7. I think it’s stupid but do it anyway.
8. I don’t have any better advice.
9. Just breathe and go-ahead.
10. Sky’s the limit.

But only the people who meant it, are the people who should mean something.

Now let me help you read between the lines.

People who love you won’t keep on repeating it and people who don’t will constantly pretend to remind you of there love, They won’t lose you until the better thing is in place.
if they say I love you followed by Trust me, then just run.

I’m here for you, I’ll be there for you, the real question is till when?
The answer is until your purpose is served.

Give it a try, what am I to loose anyways,

Do what you think it’s right. I cannot even comprehend your questions let alone find you some answers. All can say is Do what you think it’s right.

Trust your instincts. It’s just a matter of time, I shall prove your every doubt valid, trust me.

Not everyone you meet is supposed to be with you, some people are just there for there selfish interest and shall walk away the moment they believe they have an upper hand.

Keep a check on your interactions and, relations and commitments, don’t believe every tear, don’t believe every excuse. Just leave.

Leave at first sing of deceit, weak commitment or ulterior motives. If someone is easily manipulated by external influences they deserve to be where they belong,
nowhere near you.

You are not responsible for there happiness, trust me the moment you stop putting efforts they are going to turn the road someplace else.

Walk away from people when they fail on their word, don’t settle for a sorry and puppy faces.

Apologies are for mistakes, not for cheaters and definitely not for repeaters.

Think carefully and read again.

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