The best revenge is your “Improved” behaviour.

Its okay, Just sit down.
And take 3 deep breaths.

Sometimes 3 deep breath is all you need to change your life.
3 deep breaths.

Sometimes I get messages and DMs that certain thing is not happening even after following everything you said. Listen, friend, I can only regale you with an episode and lift your spirits. I am neither astrologer or guide or guru.

I have walked that road before you did and have seen that journey more close that’s it. If you work on yourself, Trust me a few months from now, you shall be giving the same guiding tips to someone else.

That’s how empathy works my friend.

Now you will blame me for empty results where your negotiation failed, where you couldn’t say it again to that special one, where you failed to get back with someone or Someone hasn’t reached out yet.

Well my homies, you can blame me all you want but deep down you know that
Negotiation failed because you were unsure of terms you can accept.
You couldn’t say it to that person because you felt unsure about there response.
you failed to get back with someone because you cannot let go of your ego.
Someone never showed up because you failed to show anything worth noticing.

So who is to be blamed, me or you…?

Now listen,
This is a golden piece of advice people never take seriously,
The best revenge, best change or best growth is “your” improved behaviour.

So if you think, your changed behaviour is not getting you the result, the only reason is that change is fake.
You are changing only to show, are you really changing?
Are you putting in any self-work?
Are you getting uncomfortable with something you do and do you get so uncomfortable that you decide to change the outcome?

You must change for yourself, not anyone or any reason out there.
you must change for your growth and happiness.
You must change such that people find there answers in your actions. You won’t even need to explain anything.

Trust me. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. and why should you?

Always remember, the only person you need to be true to, is yourself, and once you do that people start seeing you differently.

Trust me, and be natural and release the resistance towards the desired result.

The universe shows us things not when we want but when we are ready. The universe shall always have your back.

Sit down and take 3 deep breaths.

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