Letter to my Ego Self.

During Quarantine,
Writing a letter to someone who has been with me in my highs and lows. Best way to convey our feelings is through letters.

To my EGO-self,

you are that part of me that I remember pushing off the cliff. But you somehow survived and came back. I am still mad at you but I nevertheless forgive you.

Does this change surprise you, that finally, I am doing things without involving you in everything I do? I know sometimes its just chaos but you don’t have to fret about all the chaos, and that’s why I am writing this to you – to tell you that I, I forgive you.

Forgive you for all the wrong decisions you made- Engineering
college, Engineering Stream, Girlfriend/s, friends and whatnot.

You chose a wrong Stream for me, got me into a wrong course for graduation and even today I am trying to put my life on the right path further without blaming you.

You made a lot of wrong choices – each girl you believed to be right for me, crushed me with her decisions and left me hopeless.

However, now I have found myself, It’s me who makes my life worth living and I probably am able to realise this only because of all the wrong selections you made me make, so thank you!

You have ever since been such an idiot, you made me love everyone for their great parts and ignored their flaws, you made me give my 100 per cent to everyone and never comprehended that anything which is standing on a single leg can’t stay put for long.

It’s tons of lessons later, that today I know how much to pour for whom. But I forgive you for that too.

You brought a bunch of downs in my life, but it is only because of them that I became able to recognise and appreciate the ups. While I have cursed you during all those nights when I couldn’t sleep, I have looked back at you and smiled during the best days of my life- gratifying for the plight you brought me, which pushed me.

You are a part of me that is always going to stay because no one’s ever perfect and no matter how much I hate you for pulling me down, I will always forgive you because the stronger the pull the farther goes the push.
I always want you to stay and make me complete.

One who you played.

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