Let me help you, spot that narcissist.

This is for those people who are seeing things clearly, yet hoping that person shall change one day.

Well, let me tell you, folks about an African proverb,

“you can wake a person who is asleep not a person who is pretending to be “

If things are changing, nothing seems right. There are excuses and lies and pretence of you being insensitive and arrogant.
You are seeing the truth yet choose to believe things will work out one fine day.

Let me tell you one fine detail you are missing.

Things work out only between people who are awake and aware of there thoughts, mindset and what data they entertain and allow to penetrate their subconscious.

But if you are dealing with a narcissist, run and don’t look back.

They have the following traits mostly,

An inflated sense of importance
The deep needs for excessive attention and admiration
Lack of empathy for others
Often having troubled relationships with themselves.

in one line,
What it boils down to, is selfishness at the (usually extreme) expense of others, plus the inability to consider others’ feelings at all.

11 signs you can watch out for:

1. They were charming AF… at first.

2. They hog the conversation, talking about how great things are just to show how much they are investing.

3. They feed off your compliments. They use it as a drug. they need a constant Assurance that they are doing it right.

4. They lack empathy. They pretend to show sympathy only to collect important point to use against you in future.

5. They shall discuss their friends and their shortcomings with you. So by the law, they shall do the same to you when the time comes.

6. They pick on you constantly. They justify it as a retaliation.

7. They constantly gaslight you and make you feel it is about them. They trigger you to burst and pretend to be scared and hurt.

8. They dance around defining the relationship. They know only one thing, everything wrong in a relationship happens to them and they endured it, in reality, they are gossiping and mocking the same thing behind the back.
They are not comfortable with being shown the mirror, They will even blame the mirror for the wrong image.

9. They think they’re right about everything… and never apologize.
But they will create a drama of how they were wrong in investing and caring and putting efforts and resources. They entitle themselves to a very high level of self-righteousness.
and mind you every sacrifice was there, every pain happened to them, they lost everything.
You were the reason, damn it. And they will cry and call people to tell how liberated they feel, and describe how they still feel things and they are doing necessary sacrifice.
They will scream hurt for sympathy in case things backfire or their actions are questioned.

10. They panic when you are right or when you prove how they are wrong.
That’s one thing they hate. they don’t like to be proved wrong because that makes them weaker in future negotiations.
If you watch closely that’s what their whole journey is all about.
They don’t discuss they negotiate.
They have an ulterior motive to everything they do.

11. … and when you show them you’re really done, they lash out.
This one is there favourite, they are constantly under fear of a backlash of there actions and hence gripped by fear of abandonment.
If they feel excessively threatened, they make the first run.
if they feel fear of dumping, they do it beforehand so that they can claim a monumental victory.

Trust me,
Their ego is so severely bruised that it causes them to feel rage and hatred for anyone who ‘wronged’ them. That’s because everything is everyone else’s fault.

Narcissists can’t feel fulfilled in relationships, or in any area of their lives, because nothing is ever special enough for them,

Essentially, you’ll never be enough for them, because they’re never enough for themselves.

“The best thing you can do is cut ties. Offer them no explanation.”

after all, you can wake a sleeping person, not someone who is pretending to be asleep.

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