Corona, Doctors and Gods.

With Corona Roaming around people are in a lockdown.
And people are using it to prove How faith is stupid and Science is real.

WELL, SCIENCE is a proof of concept and faith is Belief in a Concept.

Mecca, Shirdi and Vatican are places of Worship Build by men and yes, they are empty today. Not because Everyone suddenly became a Non-believer, But because Corona is a Contagious Infection.

Now, Before we laugh on believers, please understand even Doctors also practice Faith. Even Doctors who as a human would give up in a day or two, still pray for strength from God.

God isn’t limited to a temple, masjid and Place of Worship, It begins and ends Inside us. Your intentions, your feelings, your sense of gratitude, and your sense of humanity is the expression of God.

God is a concept of Universal being who is Above all, Ever powerful, Last resort and place where even impossible is possible.

God is an expression of Love, Gratitude, understanding and compassion towards humans and animals alike.

Even most Athiest will always Use “Dewaa” for showing amusement. Doctors use “oh my god” for showing certain expression. Because they are aware of “A Belief” even they relate with.

This is a time of distress and need each person to stay indoor and Draw his own strength from His own Source of Belief. This isn’t the right time to Show,” Hey dude, where is god? There is only a Doctor.”

Ask this to the people evacuated from other countries against any hope. Even they prayed for a rescue.

Problem isn’t in social media But in the mindset. All the people who are posting… “kaha hai bhagwan?” have prayed to god more than once, Maybe for an Ex, for a job or For someone to recover from Surgery. We all have prayed.

And now they are playing the game of pretending to show how cool it is to post Some mind blogging post and Showing the whole world how much enlightened they are.

They need to reflect and ask, “Are they?”

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