After Quarantine, Find yourself

After Quarantine is over,
Find yourself.
I know by the end of this post you shall forget. But do try,

Make a list of people who you wished healthy and safe lockdown period. maybe just a call will do. Now that you know nothing is permanent. you can lose anyone any day.
You can afford to lose your ego rather than the person.

Visit places where you don’t need to pretend to be someone else. Someplace you may call home someday. it might be a place or a Person. It time to build your home.

Meet people who find a solution to every problem. They place “But” at the beginning of every sentence.
but I love you,
but money is great,
but that’s an awesome opportunity,
but I know we will make this work, Somehow I know”

Bring in people who Shall never give up trying on you, no matter what. And their happiness lies in seeing you smile.

Meet and Greet People who are unsatisfied with being mediocre. They Never shall be.

Find people who bring out best in you, support your passion, the smile on your stupidities, understand your inside jokes. Someone who shall find you perfect even with tear-filled red eyes crying in that blanket.

Mark your occasions, where you need to go all the way ahead full throttle. Keep walking, somedays we shall walk slow but not backwards.

Avoid the Narcissist and Naysayers.

Bring in people who plan surprises and record your reactions. They are not interested in likes but, want to treasure those moments. Some day its gonna inspire them to look forward.

Ones who believe in random acts of Kindness.
Even you love surprises, don’t you?

Find people who have really really high self-esteem because trust me they shall pick you up and catapult you to that level and rub off that high self-esteem on to you.

Find people who make you believe you were the prize and they were the eyeing for.

Find people who will see best in you no matter what you go through. You might climb Everest and they shall be like, “I knew it, I always knew it.”

Find the person who will never cease to smile, because you are the reason they smile, and there smile lits up your life. They won’t sleep without resolving an issue because they want to end there day with a smile on there face, your name on their lips. there smile

Find the people who won’t walk away, no matter the reason.
“ek wajah ki talash me hota hai, Rishta nibhane wall bhi aur chod ke Jana wala bhi.”
There shall be 100 excuses to quit and they shall find one reason to stay. Find them and once you have them. Treasure them.

Find that ray of hope. Find that Sunshine that shall lit up your face. Find hope, love, strength and character.

Most Importantly. FIND yourself.

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