25 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back.

25 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Your Own Success

Your mindset is what’s constructing your life.

If your brain is the hardware, your mindset is the software. It’s telling you how to function, what to do, and what to believe in.
When we tell ourselves the same limiting statements, again and again, our realities begin to reflect precisely what we think. When we unearth our limiting beliefs and gain the courage to re-write them, we find that our lives shift entirely.
When we change our mindset, our mindset changes our life.
Here are the 25 most limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your own success.

  1. “When I am successful, I will also be disliked.”
  2. “Only so much good can exist in my life before it’s balanced out by the bad.”
  3. “Everyone is watching me and evaluating everything I do in a negative light.”
  4. “I’m not qualified enough to do what I really want to do.”
  5. “To make a living doing what I love, I must also be okay with doing a lot of work that I don’t.”
  6. “I need to work all of the time in order to be financially stable.”
  7. “I am someone who struggles with money.”
  8. “If I do something different than the norm, I’m going to be laughed at.”
  9. “I’m being judged for not making more progress.”
  10. “Other people know what’s best for me.”

  11. “My fears are warnings,My big problems will sort themselves out in time.””
  12. “This is as good as it will ever get.”
  13. “If everyone around me is struggling, then I don’t deserve to rise up and succeed.”
  14. “Life is supposed to be hard.”
  15. “Everyone else is doing better than me.”
  16. “I have to be the best to be good enough.”
  17. “I will never get over this.”
  18. “This isn’t what I expected.”
  19. “I’ll never be good at this.”
  20. “I’m not normal, I can’t function as other people can.”
  21. “I cannot change my life without being extremely uncomfortable.”
  22. “This person is holding me back, and my life won’t improve until they stop.”
  23. “Every time I try to make a change, I fail.”
  24. “Everything is harder for me, so that’s why I’m so far behind.

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