10 moments that will give you moments of Ahaa…

Have you realized?

  1. You can only do so much for someone and still end up unappreciated.
    Invest your effort, time and feelings in people who see your worth. Invest in yourself.
    Don’t cross oceans for people who won’t even brave a puddle for you.
  2. Change is inevitable but no matter how dynamic life goes, you must learn how to go with the flow without Carrying the baggage of past.
  3. It is not the job of the receiving end of a hurtful situation to seek love.
    No matter how valuable and important the other person is, self-respect and self-love must be given prime importance.

You are worth your weight in gold. You are enough. Never forget that.

  1. Tough times reveal who your true people are.
    Distance and lack of time together is not a hindrance if the love and bond are built on a sturdy foundation. Find your tribe and love them hard.
  2. Chase your dreams, chase waterfalls, chase your passion but never, ever, ever chase people who already turned their back on you.
    Hold on to the good memories, breathe out all the negativity, learn from them, then let go and carry on.

6: Forgiveness is the key to a beautiful outlook in life.

Everyone is going through something and everyone’s actions have underlying reasons, even those who hurt you.

Be kind always and forgive anyway. Whether they ask for it or not, free yourself from the burden and simply forgive.

  1. Difficult days don’t last.
    It is your responsibility to see the silver lining in every situation. Count the joy in every trial.
  2. Give yourself time to heal.
    Go where you feel most alive.
  3. Guard your heart and be very careful with who you let in your life.
    Choose who you interact with. A companion of fools suffers harm.
  4. Remember that you can always run back to your first love.
    please for god sake, don’t start drunk calling all your exes.

Take your time, Feel there smile, listen to the silence in there voice, hug them in there low and Stargaze in those nights.

But please don’t let loneliness drive you to arms of past where you don’t belong.

Love never fails, and if it does, it wasn’t loved. Go for that love which will never do so.

Have you realized?

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