I’m Choosing To Hold On To Love

This Is Why I’m Choosing To Hold On To Love,

When I say I fall in love quickly, I think a lot of you would laugh and just say “based on a true story”.

This belief may be true, for some who have heard my stories of falling in love, there may be some stories that point to the contrary. It’s not always that simple.

Love takes time. But I think what really takes time is when people decide to hold on to love.

There are many times we fall in love quickly.

Sometimes, It’s when your heart skips a beat for the first time for that one person who understands you easily.

Maybe you’ve finally found someone who cares and will be there when you’re lonely and decide what you feel was love. Maybe.

But as fast as we fall in love, we quickly fall out of love. That’s why don’t rush, take your time. Heal, think , act.

But why Do we never know when we might fall out of love? Do breakups happen just because?

No. Believe me, one can fall in love faster than the speed of light. It will take a moment to fall out, just much longer to realise.

But rare people stay in love.
Because it’s up to us to hold on to this love despite the buts and the what-ifs. Despite losing the spark and the warmth, and even if we lose that person forevermore.

It’s in our hearts to decide whether to put out the fire or reignite the flame from its burnt embers.

The thing is, love is indeed a wonderful thing. And you need to, choose to hold on to love.

It’s about time to stop playing mind games just because you aren’t sure whether the person would reciprocate the love you could give or not. Set your heart free and enjoy it while it lasts. Love, live in the moment and repeat that moment.

That moment is now.

It’s the perfect moment to let that special someone know what you feel because you only live every day to die only once. so create memories you’ll treasure.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the freedom you’ve been fighting for—to love and be loved in return.

Because the truth is, we may not be ready to love a person because our fears overcome us, but we must do it anyway.

No more reservations, no more holding back, no more waiting, what-ifs, or buts.
We must only see pushing forwards, honesty, sincerity, clarity, and all those elaborate and mystical words you use to describe the kind of love that makes you feel like floating in the air like you’re high from all the fluff and butterflies in your stomach.

Hold on to love even when your hands are tattered and bleeding from holding on to that rope of hope and your heart is torn in fragments.

Hold on to love despite the possibilities of disappointment, hurt, and insecurity.

Never mind about holding on so tight that you’d lose yourself.

Because what matters is that you are not depriving yourself of the chance to experience this beautiful thing all over again.

Sooner or later, the pieces you’d lose yourself for were the ones you’ll let go—fear, anxiety, anger, and despair.

And once these pieces shatter, you’ll come out stronger, revealing a version of yourself that you could have never imagined.

While it’s true that there’s a kind of love that could break your heart, crush your soul, and leave you yearning for something that passed, it will always teach you something.

After all, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Keep breaking, Keep hurting.

But most of all, keep believing

And keep falling in love.

Never, ever dim your light, beautiful.

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