She held on to him like a Secret, He held on to her like an Oath…

There she was, reading from his blogs. Imagining him standing right in front of her and saying those things. She was always an adherent admirer of his writings and oration and vocab.

She struggled to stop the tear from forming at the edge of her eyelids and she just looked towards the ceiling to stop it from crashing on her face. But Alas, the tear rolled down tracing her kohl right to her ear lobes, while she fondly remembered him wiping them every time they said goodbyes on the train platform. This time there was no one to do that.

Silently she muffled her sobs and wiped that tear trail left on her cheeks and clinched her comforter harder.It has been years since they broke up and drifted apart but all those memories and words and touches and kisses still lingered on her skin.

Sometimes in winter draft, In the warmth of the comforter, Sometimes in that particular coffee shop she missed him. Every time she composed herself and shrugged off the Goosebumps memories brought, She missed him a little more, She died a little more.

She went on Scrolling his post only to find him Still pulling strange references of a girl every now and then, while all those references pointed to her, there was no way his stories were real. But the Narration, the description, and the art of bringing the characters to life always made her Scared to love him again yet impossible to forget him ever.

She was always crushed in the feeling ” I did the right thing, or did I?”

She knew the more she read, the more she is going to miss his voice, his stare, and his smile. She is just reminiscent of how she could never love anyone as much as him ever again while thinking how he must be dating someone as he never tried to woo her back.

And here he was Someplace afar yet under the same sky,

Smiling at his dog, scratching his belly, and telling him how he has been a good boy today. He had given in on the fact that things will never be the same ever again for him, for loving anyone who was not “her” was the most gut crunching thing for him.

He had given in on the dream of just holding her again and kissing her forehead and putting those stray strands of hairs behind her ears and looking into her eyes and telling her, She is his last chance at happiness.

They both were holding on to something they both cherished as the most compelling moments of their life and now the life was never going to be the same ever again.

She was holding on to him like a Secret,He was holding on to her like an oath.

-The oathkeeper.

-Stories taken from Pages of Book I shall never write.

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