Not just a Hoodie, My time machine

Date 15th march 2020.
The train entered CSTM station.

10 30 PM. It was.
We both were silent.
5 years ago, we had broken up somewhere around the same time. One person was looking for long term commitment while one was looking for long-distance engagement.

“I still remember your break up call”, I broke the silence.

“Yes, you have a memory of an elephant. I know. After spending such a great time you need to bring this up? Really?”, she smirked.
With tear and pain equally reflecting in her eyes.

I cursed myself and held her lightly, trying to console her.
“Still you remember my favourite perfume?” She asked.

“Some people don’t forget, they choose to ignore the reality,” I said.

“So what was my last line that day?” she asked with anger filled eyes about to spill over.

“Happy anniversary, Mr.” I spurted out without a second look.

She bit her tongue. She knew she was wrong back then.

She just hugged me.

I asked her, is this still her preferred way of saying sorry.

She Said, “No, now I tend to admire you Mr. Respect you. And share your website link on my status “

We both smiled and started gathering her Belongings.

“Can I demand something from you?”, She asked.

by all means. I tapped her head. Like a light tapli.

“I want to keep this hoodie. Can I?” She made that puppy face.

Surprised I asked her, “It’s just a hoodie. 6-year-old hoodie. I used this during Industrial Visit”

She smiled and said, “for you, it’s just a hoodie. For me, it’s my Time Machine”

“For you, it’s just a Hoodie.

For me, it’s my Time machine.” She zipped it up and boarded the train.

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