If you think, they suddenly broke up.

let me give you guys some interesting analogy.
Read it again.

we all had friends who had heartbreak, some are having right now and some are just walking into that trap.

All have only one way of describing.

He/she wasn’t like that. He/She broke up suddenly one day.

Haven’t we heard this before..?

let me give you a million dollar revelation.

Nothing happens SUDDENLY.
Trust me, nothing.

read this carefully and understand.

Have you heard the phenomenon of lighting strike..?

Well, That was the moment you heard a whining of decision.

But please understand no lightning can strike suddenly.

Somewhere else land was heating up, water was vapourising, clouds were forming somewhere else, winds of change blew and cloud went with the “Flow”.
Somewhere it got blocked by a mountain. clouds stuck each other and lightning struck.

So do you still think lightning stuck suddenly?

No kind sir,

Things were planned and plotted. The course was charted. clouds of emotions were forming somewhere else. Someone else was bellowing the coals to make the fire burn brighter. By the time you could Hanover, lightning had struck your ship and set it ablaze. no matter the water in the ocean can put out that flame.

Jump and swim to the shore.

Nothing happened suddenly. everything was pre-decided. All that was required was an Excuse.

So trust me what happened at that moment wasn’t the reason. it was an excuse.

Now. Let go those moments and go easy on yourself. You deserve happiness and not some broken excuse seeking person.

Go inside of you and find the person who just shook of the lightning bolt and walked of as if nothing happened.

Trust me. Actually, nothing bad happened.

It could have been worse.

ALWAYS, remember.

Snake never stop shedding their skin. So its time to soar like an eagle and fly above the clouds and laugh as lightning strikes the snake. The fields are burned and the snake is in open, exposed.

while you. Fly Off the great flight of destiny.


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