Advantages of Having a Girl ‘Best’ friend.

Advantages of having a girl best friend:

she knows what looks best on you.

Have a date to impress? she will help you out picking the perfect dress.
(Shirt tuck in Kar, Belt buckle In center, shoe can be polished aur Rumaal to aaj bhi nahi hoga?)

She is the perfect matchmaker.

She knows you on the back of her hand, She is like Pink wali abhi bhi single hai, baat chalau?

She is your plus one when you go clubbing, and your wingman, once inside.

Have you met…Rahul?

Want some free drinks and desserts in unlimited buffets, take her along.

Just hold hands, flutter your eyes, or fake a proposal for that free dessert but keep tabs on her drinks, Usko ghar bhi jana hai.

Her stalking skills are so on-point that All pados wali aunties take classes from her.

She teaches you much about how to be with a woman, She teaches you what differentiates girls from women, She is that Nibbi spotter.

Shopping with her can be a big NO-NO, but over the years, you develop patience.

She will always be a jerk and take you through the lingerie section just to make you

She knows all the gossips, so you know everything, too.

she is like let me put all data into a story, fir tuze batati hu.

if you get stuck in a crazy relationship, she will guide you through your break up,

She will remind you,”pehli baar thodi hua hai?”

Sometimes you guys look so happy together that people think,
you guys are hiding something.

If you have this girl, don’t loose her.

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