She is the one.

A Gentleman’s perspective on his search for “The One”

Get a pen and paper, right now.
Here comes a million-dollar piece of info.

There is no checklist for that “The one.”

We don’t see something in someone to think of them as “The One” but we feel something inside of us that tells us it’s “The One.”
Mind you, some people don’t know how to count.

When you keep roaming the venue, during a function where your every glance is scanning the crowd, just looking for that particular face, that very person. Trust me, she knows this and she is just doing the same.

She will have felt it in your fingertips with every touch. When those fingers just brush by, just enough to send 440 V coursing through her body.

She won’t come to crash your party and say, “Hi, I am ‘The One.’ ”.
She won’t come with a T-shirt print saying “Yours the One”.

She won’t mould Herself into your idea of perfect. Actually, She is perfect within Herself and she is still great even without you in her life. She doesn’t need you or anyone to make her feel perfect. She is perfect within Herself.

Even you understand and given a chance you would make a list of things, She does to make your smile look more beautiful than the smile you are carrying right now.

She won’t come into your life, reaching with one free hand while the other one is holding onto someone else.
She is never an option, and will never stoop down to the level of keeping people as an option, just to feel superior.

She won’t come into your life like a Storm or a hurricane.
You shall romanticize her as the right person, as the one who crashes into you and disrupts your whole world.
The one who occupies every inch of our mind. The one who makes your hearts pound, your hands shake, and your stomachs flip.

I shall always argue, that the right person quietly walks into your life.
They don’t Pretend or mask on who they are to get you to fall in love with them, they just come as they are.

She might appear Rude, arrogant or even insensitive just because she doesn’t walk down to your level. But trust me she knows herself better than you sketch her image.

And She shall make you feel safe, to be who you are too—unfiltered, uncensored.

The comfort level she brings to your life would be heavenly.
You won’t have to hide the wounded parts of you, your scars.

They will be a road map for her, the right person to learn how to love you, for her to understand your journey.
She will always be a special part of your story rather than a forgotten part of your history.

She shall Hug you so lightly that your broken pieces don’t fall apart but will also make that hug so tight that, might be you start feeling complete once again.

You likely won’t know right away that this is the person you’ve been waiting for. But one day it’ll hit you.
You’ll be doing something together, laughing, and you’ll realize how easy it is. How calm you feel. How safe.
Maybe that breeze of cool air will blow her hairs right on your face, and just when you make your way to see that smile on her face. You fall for her.

And she will pull you in with two free hands, holding all of you just as you are.
And you’ll realize love was never about the adrenaline rush and flowing juices.
Love is grounding. Love is peaceful. Love is when your eyes shall be more desperate to meet her eyes than her lips.
And love has its arms around you. Both the hands.

When you find her, You shall know it. Trust me.

The universe always has our back.

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