Its all about perspective, Isn't it?

It’s all about perspective, Isn’t it?

10 best lines I heard from the people who meant something to me. But be careful, the real art is reading between the lines.

I love you no matter what.
2. I’m here for you, I’ll be there for you.
3. Give it a try.
4. Do what you think it’s right.
5. Trust your instinct.
6. What kind of help do you need from me? anyway I Can help you, I shall and will do it.
7. I think it’s stupid but do it anyway.
8. I don’t have any better advice.
9. Just breathe and go-ahead.
10. Sky’s the limit.

But only the people who meant it, are the people who should mean something.

People who love you shall find a way to make you feel special and they do it in there own way.
Some of us are still healing from the old scars of mistrust and misery and a series of unfortunate events.
many of the times we lose the way we see at things, we try to look at future from the murky lens of the past.

Not all are here to cheat and deceit and break you down, Some are going to stand at a distance from you and see you get up, fall and get up all over again.
They are going to be a gentle reminder of “ I have seen you get up, dust off and walk away as nothing hit you. So now I am not going to give up on you. I am going to be a gentle reminder of cyclone you pack in your smile and thunder your walk can create.”
I am going to hug you so light yet so tight, that all pieces will just fall back in place, right where they belong.
I am going to be your Second last chance at happiness, now that you know, “you are your own last chance  at happiness.”

and when they speak something they shall definitely mean it.
lookout for these green flags and before you know you shall be right where you belong.

1. I Love you so much and I know that you love me. So just let’s face whatever comes in ❣️
2. I’m here for you. You will always find me around. I never felt like I was away
3. Give it a try. Just give me a chance. I really wanna make this happen
4. Please do what you think is right. I really appreciate your individuality but please consider my words at once.
5. Trust your instincts and trust your god. I have full faith in him and us.
6. You just tell me what I can help you. I really want something that we can do together
7. I think it’s stupid but there is fun doing stupid things, right ?
8. I really appreciate your advice. But I would really think on a broader perspective, help me with it
9. Long breath and let go of the sad things. Wanna overthink? Think about the positive stuff.
10. Look at the sky and let each other dream together ??

It’s just like when you cannot change the picture you can always change the Angle, light settings and exposure. the whole perspective shall change.

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