Did you come this far to come this far…?

Hey listen, brother,
why don’t you just set aside that baggage for some time and just sit down and breath?
Few deep breaths you need.

you know what, I really respect you for carrying it so long but let it down and just let it be.
Just look back and notice if you can, you have been carrying a dead weight someone refused to carry, someone disbanded and you choose to drag it, expecting them to step up and help you.

No bro. No.

It’s okay to drop the dead weight.

Even you know why it feels heavy. It’s because someone refused to appreciate you for carrying this weight so long and so strong. Instead, you were ridiculed for your scars, you were shamed for your past, you were made a monster so that they look angel descended on earth.

But then, why does the action of someone else impact and hurt you? when you know the truth.
when you know your reasons and your struggle, does it even matter what others think..?

Release that baggage and keep hustling forward. little by little maybe an inch, but make sure you keep moving. walk slow but not backwards.

And ask yourself, did you come this far to only come this far?

This is the moment, you drop that baggage and stop worrying what people will think of you.
trust me, some people will always have problems in
what you do,
why you do,
how you do,
why only you do?

And they will even create future based possibilities where you are still a villain irrespective of efforts and self-work you put.
But Answer honestly, did you wake up today morning to impress them?

Don’t you worry. The world will only notice you for actions you do today all you need to do is be honest and natural to yourself. You shall see the universe give you the best outcomes once you improve the vibration you put out in-universe.

Be your best version out there and you shall attract the best outcomes in your life.

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