When you stop looking for love, and start being love.

Have you noticed, more you desired something or someone more it moves away from you?
Have you noticed that your girlfriend will call you only when you are expecting a call from very important clients?
Have you noticed that people start caring when you stop caring?
Have you?

Now listen,
Everything in-universe is governed by the law of cause and effect. Energies are neither created nor destroyed. So when two people share mutual energy they always experience push-pull energy between them.
This dynamics cannot be planed or created.
In terms of philosophy,
“The one who cares the least controls the most.”

Same is with energy, feeling or outcome related to success, love and emotional fulfilment. It will come to you when you least expect it to.

You cannot chase success every day to achieve it one day.
You cannot love someone every day to make someone love you back.
You cannot just keep on desiring something and expect magic to take you there.

To get to Success, you need to be a success.
To attract love, you must be the best version of love for them.
To attract your desires, you must align yourself with your desires. You don’t become successful by being afraid of failures.

Sometimes, when life feels like it finally fits together and “love” is just an overlooked, almost-forgotten piece of the puzzle, that’s when it will come to you.
Success is already there, you reach there only when it becomes a part of the journey, not a destination.

It sounds cliche, but it’s true: love will find you when you stop looking for it. 

When you’re searching for romance or love, you are sending the Universe, energy of lack, that you are unhappy with what Universe has given you already.
By wanting something so desperately, so hopelessly, so passionately, you are implying that you don’t have it. By the same law, you attract people similar to your energy.

Cheaters attract cheaters, people looking for Quick rich are more attracted to fraud and corny Schemers.
The more you think about what you don’t have, the more you’ll attract the fact that you don’t have the thing, the feeling, the person you want.

Love–the real thing–will come to you when the Universe sees your gratitude. When the universe sees your patience and acceptance for things, being what they are.

Please understand this: the love, Success that is meant to be yours will find you when you stop looking for it.

And when it comes, it will make itself known.

This kind of love – the love that is meant for you – It will make you cry and smile, hurt and heal, Worry and relax but of all things, it will show you your worst face you never knew.

It will bring to light the dark side of your character and it will even help you fight it.

It will be big and bold and ignite a flame inside of you. It will be strong and beautiful and enchanting. With patience comes virtuous love, and what is meant for you will make its presence known. You’ll meet that person and you’ll think, oh, it’s you I was looking for, and you’ll understand that things come together when it’s time.

Now you know why it never works out with anyone else.
This is where you shall find that love, the love that is not only refillable but irreplaceable.

So when love comes, open your heart. Let it in. Watch it fit and fold together the way it was meant to.

You Shall only receive when you finally learn to let go.

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