He was her Karma

How much time does it takes to move on from someone? She typed on Google.
First article to pop up was a blog written by the person who was her curse and cure, aliment and ointment.
She wanted to skip and go back but she read on.
Even going on to read the comments.
That’s blog described his 6 month ordeal with moving on and getting himself back on track after she played him dirty couple of years back.
Her own breath was chocking as she murmured, “today is my day one”
Everything was going well until few days back she was stalking his facebook profile and happened to find him check-ing in other city.
Must be business she thought.
But suddenly, the ♥ react appeared on his post. And then a message was typed, I wish time came with pause button.
Her heart sink and shiver reached her spine. Those were words she used 6 years back when he met her on her 18th birthday.
She started digging into her profile to find someone not just accomplished but someone with a aura of confidence and invincibility. She suddenly pictured her with him and realized she has lost him.
This time reason for her uneasiness wasn’t the same, this time she knew she wanted him back but alas… With every thought of picturing them together it was becoming difficult for her to think straight or doing anything meaningful, she was getting difficulty breathing.
Finally she decided she was going Mumbai. She wanted to meet him. Hit on him, shout on him, hold him close and remind him of all that they were.
She was loosing her mind over the thoughts of him just forgiving her and pulling her back in embrace and kissing her forehead and he just giving a smirk, turning away and walking off.
She was afraid, nervous and panicked over possibility of losing him for ever and forever. But she wanted to give this a try.
She closed her laptop flap and started packing, she couldn’t afford to loose him to someone who would not do the same mistake she did.
She had played him dirty couple of years back and now karma was biting her back in the tail.
He was her karma…..

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