To my Long distance Friend,

To my Long distance Friend,

Need an explanation, how dare you cut my call?
I called you 28 times since 8.07 pm, and now it’s 8.25 pm. Do you even realize what hell you are attracting by not picking my calls?
Anyway, you’ll have to pay for it later sometime. Maybe get Toys for my “Rocket” when you visit India next time.

Don’t get all happy thinking that I am going to write something emotional or cheesy for you.
I just want one Virtual date where you won’t judge the girl I google hangout out with. How can every girl be “too skinny”, “too sassy”, “too bold” or “too much creepy”.

By the way, your idea of Virtual dating is Soul Saver.

I always wonder why I am still Discussing my Social life with you? Maybe because you are the one who I can call anytime and ask, “what if you were in her place, what would have you said?”.

Maybe because you are the one who was there with me after my first break up, I still remember that day 12 years back I remember you saying, “She is the one, don’t screw up”.
I had left her because she doubted our friendship. remember?

You had troubles in your life too, but it never stopped you from making my troubles go away. You were always like ” Tera Rona Pehle role”

They say girls are drama queens, but here’s the catch – you are biggest and badass (don’t expect me to say this ever again) drama queen in my life.

Jokes apart, I never told you this, but you inspire me the most.

The way you smile even in the toughest times in your life is incredible.
You make lemonade and also share it with me, when life throws lemons at you.

So, thank you for existing, for choosing me as your True best friend. Thank you for pushing me to achieve my goals and millions of other things you have done.

Never stop being an Angel you are.

Thank you for all those midnight lectures, life advises and scoldings which made my life a little easy All for the Time zones. Bloody time zones.

Also, thank you for giving me the strength to fight my own battles. You are far better than Aditi’s Avi, Naina’s Rohit, and Aditi’s Jai.
I can’t wait for both of us to get older and tell our kids about all the crazy shit that we’ve done together.

Don’t die early on me you crazy bitch.

Drama queen, I love my friend in you and you are my favourite chapter, best story and Pre-requisite to Happily ever after.

Hate you a lot.

Be safe, keep safe and come back soon.
Long time since we have faked propose for a free Caramel custard

Your Wingman.

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