Dear tracy, you always existed in teds stories.

Someone who understood, you always existed in Ted’s stories.

Letter To Tracy.

First time I saw how I met your mother, I cursed writers thinking where the hell is “The mother” Ted is supposed to meet.
I imagined Cindy and Elizabeth as well as “The mother”. By the end of series i was about to give up on seeing “the mother.”

Dear Tracy McConnell,

Just like your yellow umbrella, you came into his life.

It was destiny. In the world full of Robins, Tracy McConnell is special. Always special.

It really is funny sometimes how you find things. These things will make sense one day.

Even when you weren’t in his life, yet you were there for him always, helping all his friends, laughing on his stupid jokes while the whole crowd was silent.

The universe knew you were supposed to be with Ted,

why else would he pick the only three things that belonged to you and cherish it?

And as Cindy said,
he did have a thing for you even if he didn’t meet you because he didn’t have to, everything he saw of yours did make him crazy for you.
He was pulled by your energy similar to him.
Like attracts like they say.

You and ted both had to fight and walk through a long road to get in there,
but as he said, hadn’t gone through hell to get there, the lesson might not have been as clear.

While everyone believed Robin was perfect for Ted, I knew that he belonged to you.

You were simple and Ted liked simple, you were everything he had always been looking for, desperately searching for and it broke my heart that you said: ” what mother would miss her daughter’s wedding?”
I felt it.

You were in there, for just 14 episodes but trust me i still have saved those snippets where you sync with Ted. somewhere under the same sky.
But I’ve been craving for more magic ever since.

I wish we heard your rendition of ‘La Vie en Rose’ a million times while you tucked in your kids.
But again like Ted, that one we’ll hear at that night will always be special.

I wish we witnessed all your 5 am Christmas morning, all your sleepy Sunday afternoons, every speed bump and everything else that came your way.

Maybe you both even shared all your detective stories with each other, after all both of you were a bit of detective as kids.

Like Ted, I thank god, every god there ever was and will be for what you gave us.

And it’s Indeed funny how sometimes you just find things.

No matter how fancy the French blue horn was, the yellow umbrella will always be special.

You will always be special.

someone who understood, you always existed in Ted’s stories.

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