Hopeless Romantic, we are.

Ted Mosby,
I remember being Introduced 8 years back by one of my Friend.
I remember how he explained to me, “How I met your mother?” was just a reflection of how Writer make Audience wait for you to get your love only to kill in the finale.

Those were the days when @ 22, I felt its great being Barney and having a great life. Now I 27, I feel you were Actually Awesome.

You made me realise Love is never the solution but it makes everything easy. And it happens at the right time with the right person.

You know what Ted, we are Hopeless Romantics.

That’s what they call us.

We romanticize every little thing we can surrounding us.
Sometimes it is the Hot cup of Coffee or Sometimes its Some stranger on the Road, Sometimes Secretly it is coffee with that Awesome girl, Isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s the orange sky and sometimes it’s the moonlit pond.

Maybe, it’s the way someone twirls her hair with her index finger or the way She blinks the tears of her eyelids.

It could be the feeling of crisp new pages of a book touching your fingertips or the feeling of ecstasy while you dance around in your bedroom at 3 in the morning.

Maybe it’s the way you can wait Months and travel cities just to get a glimpse of someone or the peace you feel when you finally Hug them after last meeting 6 weeks back.

You were counting. Didn’t you?

These little things might not be conventionally pretty but they’re captivating. They’re poetic. Everything is poetic to us.

We fall in love with the minute things in life. We are always hopeful.

We hope and we wait. We wait for our perfect love stories. That someday we might bump into someone and our lives would be changed forever.

A look, a touch, a hug, a conversation, a kiss, a smile, a person to hold on to.

Someone who would make us feel so alive that we would forget ourselves at the mere mention of there name.

Someone who would be a bright light on our flaws and make them seem Glittery and worship our qualities as if there is nothing more beautiful.

And in the course of this, we project our crazy fantasies on other people who have no idea about our insanity, hoping that they’re ‘the one’.

We pay attention to the tiny details and convince ourselves that the love we share is deep, true and has the potential to last forever. We even take them to meet our families.

And just as expected, we get our hearts broken every single time. We see it coming from a mile, don’t we?

But do we stop loving? Do we stop romanticizing things and people? Do we lose hope even after getting our heart broken a thousand times?

Nah. Isn’t that why they call us – Hopeless Romantics?

Because You can ask the universe for all the signs you want, but only see what you want to see only when you are ready to see.

and even you know why we take chances, Because when all looks happy a question pops up in our mind, “What if?”

“What if?”

Lots of Respect.

From the person who knows we all have the most beautiful plans for us, the Universe plays the most beautiful games with the strongest people.

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