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What you need to know If they come Back.

“Please don’t give in to there false cry and half hearten try, take your time its just July.
If necessary wait you must, let them wait this whole August.
half hearten try is like playing with ember, if needed wait till September”

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The Moment You let go, Someone

The moment you let go someone, is the moment you realize that you’ve run out of last chances to give out to those who don’t know how to treasure you,

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the art of not giving

When you are just giving, just giving…

They will regret losing you because they will never meet another person who will put up with their lacklustre way of conducting themselves in a relationship as much as you have, or are as good to them as you are.

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Corona, Doctors and Gods.

Now, Before we laugh on believers, please understand even Doctors also practice Faith. Even Doctors who as a human would give up in a day or two, still pray for strength from God.

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Letter to my Ego Self.

You are a part of me that is always going to stay because no one’s ever perfect and no matter how much I hate you for pulling me down, I will always forgive you because the stronger the pull the farther goes the push.
I always want you to stay and make me complete.

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What you kid (pet), needs to know.

By the way, you are one hell of a wingman. You know exactly how to introduce me.
So now you know how to behave around beautiful girls, I assure you, making healthy meals for you is a must-have criterion for dating/mating me.
I want you to grow and tell my kids,” How I met there mother “

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After Quarantine, Find yourself

Make a list of people who you wished healthy and safe lockdown period. maybe just a call will do. Now that you know nothing is permanent. you can lose anyone any day.
You can afford to lose your ego rather than the person

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25 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back.

Your mindset is what’s constructing your life.
If your brain is the hardware, your mindset is the software. It’s telling you how to function, what to do, and what to believe in.
When we tell ourselves the same limiting statements, again and again, our realities begin to reflect precisely what we think. When we unearth our limiting beliefs and gain the courage to re-write them, we find that our lives shift entirely.

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