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He was her Karma

How much time does it takes to move on from someone? She typed on Google. First article to pop up was a blog written by

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What you need to know If they come Back.

“Please don’t give in to there false cry and half hearten try, take your time its just July.
If necessary wait you must, let them wait this whole August.
half hearten try is like playing with ember, if needed wait till September”

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When you stop looking for love, and start being love.

It will be big and bold and ignite a flame inside of you. It will be strong and beautiful and enchanting. With patience comes virtuous love, and what is meant for you will make its presence known. You’ll meet that person and you’ll think, oh, it’s you I was looking for, and you’ll understand that things come together when it’s time.

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the art of not giving

When you are just giving, just giving…

They will regret losing you because they will never meet another person who will put up with their lacklustre way of conducting themselves in a relationship as much as you have, or are as good to them as you are.

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I’m Choosing To Hold On To Love

This Is Why I’m Choosing To Hold On To Love,

While it’s true that there’s a kind of love that could break your heart, crush your soul, and leave you yearning for something that passed, it will always teach you something.

After all, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

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If you think, they suddenly broke up.

Things were planned and plotted. The course was charted. clouds of emotions were forming somewhere else. Someone else was bellowing the coals to make the fire burn brighter. By the time you could Hanover, lightning had struck your ship and set it ablaze. no matter the water in the ocean can put out that flame.

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Love someone just for a moment, Repeat that moment.

It is in the feeling after returning home to the smell of warm food on the stove and warmer arms around you.
That is where love lies. In the little moments which people often look past.
Find yourself here, find yourself loving in the moment, then loop it for eternity, and I promise you, love will not fail you.
I promise. Never.

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Why do ‘They’ cheat?

What distinguishes good people from low-quality people isn’t how they act when they are happy and fulfilled.  It’s how they respond when temptation appears.  Low-quality people lie, cheat and betray.  Good people do the right thing.

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