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Did you come this far to come this far…?

Don’t you worry. The world will only notice you for actions you do today all you need to do is be honest and natural to yourself. You shall see the universe give you the best outcomes once you improve the vibration you put out in-universe.

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the art of not giving

When you are just giving, just giving…

They will regret losing you because they will never meet another person who will put up with their lacklustre way of conducting themselves in a relationship as much as you have, or are as good to them as you are.

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I’m Choosing To Hold On To Love

This Is Why I’m Choosing To Hold On To Love,

While it’s true that there’s a kind of love that could break your heart, crush your soul, and leave you yearning for something that passed, it will always teach you something.

After all, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

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